duminică, 27 decembrie 2009

I'm Igor! - The PUG

Hi guys,
please meet Igor, a 6 months old Pug, who loooves munching the sport shoes around the house. He is very activ, as you can see and loves to play and fool around all day long.
Please welcome our new friend Igor!
Cioco-The PUG

vineri, 18 decembrie 2009

Rudolph, the red nose reindeer....nananananananaaa

Yes, I knew this will happen.... I saw that commng..... Mom was shopping in Accesorise and got me THESE!
This is Rudolph. I told mommy that I saw a sweet reindeer at Tweedles.. so she got me my own one for Christmas !!! yuppy

Here mom tries to take some pics of me.... but I'm not really in the mood ;)

Ok. are u done mom ???? I wanna play with Rudolph!!

Ok... at least it's over ! NOW I really felt Christmas is near!
Cioco-The PUG

joi, 17 decembrie 2009

(Lucky) me and the girls ;)

Cleo... my love :) Isn't she gorgeous .... ?!

I looove plaing with her....

Here it's me and Cookie...


All the three of us...

.... here we got to know each other better ;)

Family picture: Me, Cleo and aunt Dana :0)

Pugs & kisses,
Cioco- The PUG

Wordless Sunday.. chillin' in the parc with mom & dad

Hi all,
last sunday I got to spend some quality time with my guys in tha parc. Who knew that a week later Bukarest will be buried in snow... all my green spots that I love so much and where I always make sure that I left something behind, are now covered with this white, cold thing... and I have to wear always a sweather when 'm going out... hmm... strange.

But to go back to this great week-end with mom and dad in the parc... as you can see it was a great sunny day, the dry leaves go very well with my fear and make my eyes sparkly... :) and mom felt inspired and took this pics of me.
Luv ya!
Pugs & kisses
Cioco- the PUG

duminică, 13 decembrie 2009

A great Get together in the parc ;)

I'm Nikos. And I'm 3 months old. But soon I will be a big pug. Sweet I'm already.

I'm Daisy. 'm Ninos bigger sis. 5 months old. But as u can see, I'm a crazy one ;)

Here we are all together. Me, Nikos, Daisy aaaand Biggieeeee ( u remeber Biggie from older posts. I was a bby pug back then :)

Hmmmm... u're small but I think we can be great friends :)

it's us. Let's share a secret guys ....;)

Hi all,
this was a great saturday in the parc with some new and some old friends. For Nikos it was his first time in the parc, so he was a little bit shy. Daisy is a great lady pug. And Biggie is getting bitter and stronger every week.
We've missed Cleo and Cookie, out two friends from another parc.
Enjoy the pics.
Pugs & Kisses