luni, 22 octombrie 2012

Here we comeeeeee!

Hello all! I had this gorgeous time in the parc this week-end with my friend Biggie and his familie!I like to share some fresh pics with you! Enjoy! Kisses! Cioco- THE Pug

luni, 15 octombrie 2012

Cioco in the parc!

It's mineeee! all mine!!!!!
Admiring ART :)
Enjoying the last sunny autumn days & some quality time with mommy in the parc! Kisses, Cioco- THE Pug

marți, 13 iulie 2010

Baby Pug Costica. Just Gorgeous!

Hello all,

please meet one my newest friends, it's bby pug Costica, he's 8 weeks young and drop dead gorgeous. My mummy is totally in love with him and can't stop talking about the little guy.
But I'm not jealous at all because he is soooo damn cute :P

Pugs & Kisses,
Cioco - The PUG

miercuri, 28 aprilie 2010

The sweetest thing :-)

Best friends ever!
Tks bby Danutza for sharing this with us :-)

Pugs & kisses
Cioco- The PUG

LULU, our new sweet friend :)

Hi all,

meet a new friend of us, it's LULU, the PUG.
I hope we will meet him at our next get together in Cismigiu.
This will be next Saturday, around 12:30 PM.

Hope to see you guys there!!

Cioco- The PUG

marți, 9 februarie 2010

This is Athos, our new friend :)

Hi guys,
Athos mom sent us this great set of pictures with him! He is 8 months old, is from Bistrita and is a friend of Pilus, from Cluj :) As you can see, he is becoming a joung man and wants to meet young pug-ladies :)
So Athos, me and the other puggies are expecting you and Pilu in Bucharest, for our PGT (pugs get together), as soon as the weather gets better :)
Have a great stay in the club! Please all welcome Athos!
Pugs & kisses
Cioco- The PUG

duminică, 24 ianuarie 2010

Welcome Pepita!

Hi guys,
please welcome our new friend, Gorgeous Pepita :) Isn't she sweet ?! A real lady indeed. We all will meet her nose to nose at our next get together in the parc !
So, Pepita, welcome into the club and have fun with the other puggies!
Cioco-The PUG

marți, 19 ianuarie 2010

Cody, my friend from Cluj & his new shoes :-)

Hi guys,
Just when I thought I've seen it all...... mom got all excide when she received some pics from her friend Alma, Cody's sister :0) Now, she wants to get me some of these shoes also... but I am sceptical... I don't think I will look sooo masculine anymore :))
Please let mom know what you think... should she get me some too or not ?
I have to admit though... Cody looks pretty nice in these :)
Pugs & kisses,
Cioco- The PUG

vineri, 15 ianuarie 2010

Mom is cooking & I'm watchin' ;)

Here I am, with mommy in the kitchen. She is cooking something.. I don't know what but it's smelling good. I like very much to watch her :) Maybe there is a little something for me too..
But what's that strage object on my cozy fur on the floor ?! I don't like the smell.....
Now the kitchen is emply... but I still hope for some treat :)) I never give up!
Till next time!
Cioco-The PUG

duminică, 3 ianuarie 2010

Me & Mini-Santa! Chill sunday morning with mom and dad

Hello guys,
it's sunday morning and me and my humans are enjoyng a chill time's snowing in Bucharest, but it's nice and warmy inside. As you can see I stoled a Mini -Santa and I like it sooo much!!!
Cioco- The Snowed PUG

duminică, 27 decembrie 2009

I'm Igor! - The PUG

Hi guys,
please meet Igor, a 6 months old Pug, who loooves munching the sport shoes around the house. He is very activ, as you can see and loves to play and fool around all day long.
Please welcome our new friend Igor!
Cioco-The PUG