miercuri, 25 noiembrie 2009

She's Pug Kira! Her hobby: stealing cigarettes :)

Hi all,
she's Kira and she lives in Ploiesti Prahova. Her hobby is to steal the cigarettes when people are smoking. She knows that these are not good for you !! and :))
Pugs and kisses,
Cioco - The PUG

Daisy & Nikos are in the house !!!

I'm Crazy Daisy !!! Why they call me like that ??? no idea ......;)

Hmmm..... you are my only one ..:)

yes sweety... I know ;)

I got the idea. When we're out of the house, we'll go for it!

Hey guys,
sorry for my absence, but my parents were for a short tripp to Berlin, to see the Placebo concert.. so I had plenty of time for my beauty speep :)
Now I'm back with some new pics: First meet Daisy & Nikos, two new frineds of mine.
They are sooo cute and I bet there are very restless ;)
Pugs & Kisses

vineri, 6 noiembrie 2009

Hi. I'm Biggie!

This cute little baby pug is Biggie, a new friend. We wants to make some new friends and meet some other puggies.
So Biggie, welcome!
Pugs & Kisses