duminică, 24 ianuarie 2010

Welcome Pepita!

Hi guys,
please welcome our new friend, Gorgeous Pepita :) Isn't she sweet ?! A real lady indeed. We all will meet her nose to nose at our next get together in the parc !
So, Pepita, welcome into the club and have fun with the other puggies!
Cioco-The PUG

marți, 19 ianuarie 2010

Cody, my friend from Cluj & his new shoes :-)

Hi guys,
Just when I thought I've seen it all...... mom got all excide when she received some pics from her friend Alma, Cody's sister :0) Now, she wants to get me some of these shoes also... but I am sceptical... I don't think I will look sooo masculine anymore :))
Please let mom know what you think... should she get me some too or not ?
I have to admit though... Cody looks pretty nice in these :)
Pugs & kisses,
Cioco- The PUG

vineri, 15 ianuarie 2010

Mom is cooking & I'm watchin' ;)

Here I am, with mommy in the kitchen. She is cooking something.. I don't know what but it's smelling good. I like very much to watch her :) Maybe there is a little something for me too..
But what's that strage object on my cozy fur on the floor ?! I don't like the smell.....
Now the kitchen is emply... but I still hope for some treat :)) I never give up!
Till next time!
Cioco-The PUG

duminică, 3 ianuarie 2010

Me & Mini-Santa! Chill sunday morning with mom and dad

Hello guys,
it's sunday morning and me and my humans are enjoyng a chill time together....it's snowing in Bucharest, but it's nice and warmy inside. As you can see I stoled a Mini -Santa and I like it sooo much!!!
Cioco- The Snowed PUG